The "Just Get Started" Screenwriting Challenge

10 Pages In 10 Days

 July 15 - July 24 

Cost: Only $10

We are kicking off another Screenwriting Challenge. We received so much positive feedback we had to do it again. This time we're tackling what many deam the most important pages of your script, the first ten. 

10 Pages In 10 Days for only 10 bucks! For less than the price of one movie ticket join a serious and focused community that not only cares about their success, but yours as well.

So many writers both new and seasoned shared with us during the last challenge that they had so many breakthroughs and ah-hah moments in planning out their stories and eliminating writers block. Collaborative relationships were formed and scripts got written! That's what it's all about. 

We will kick off the challenge on July 15. As a boost to get you started off with a strong foundation, you will receive a Character Blueprint immediately after signing up. Let's get to know their personalitis and ticks before we put pen to paper. This will get those creative juices flowing before the official launch of the challenge. With an investment of only $10, you can't afford not to be a part of this challenge. The cost to grow your skills and community are priceless.

I'm All In!

What You Can Expect From 'Just Get Started' 10 Pages In 10 Days Challenge

Don't Worry About Getting It Right, Get It Written!

Only 10 bucks

Less than the cost of a movie ticket. Invest in yourself. We are here to support you.

Private Facebook Group 

A trusted space to share and receive feedback. Each participant will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement before being added to the group.


You will receive resources to assist in your writing journey.

Free LEGAL Movie Scripts.

Studying scripts is an important part of screenwriting. I'll give you several to look over.

Accountability And Guidance.

You will not be left to fiend for yourself. I will be available to answer questions in the group and keep us all motivated.

Get It Done.

At the end of the 10 Day Challenge you will have your ten most important pages done. Onward and Upward!

I'm All In!

Are You Up For The Challenge?

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I'm Toneka Wright, independent filmmaker and founder of The Black Filmmakers Academy. I've had a love for writing stories since junior high school. What better time to start that story you've been dying to tell than right now!

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